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NBA Mock Draft 2019: Lottery results let Pelicans take Zion Williamson at No. 1, Grizzlies get Ja Morant at No. 2 – CBS Sports


It looks like Zion Williamson will begin his career in New Orleans. At least that’s what was determined after the result of Tuesday night’s NBA Draft Lottery that saw the Pelicans jump to No. 1 even though they only had a 6% chance to do so.

Congrats to them. And I mean that sincerely. Yes, it would’ve been better for the NBA to have Williamson in Los Angeles (with LeBron James) or New York (with, perhaps, Kevin Durant). But watching a small market whose superstar (Anthony Davis) screwed them midseason with a trade demand get lucky and gifted with another superstar was pretty cool.

Again, good for them.

At this point, I’d guess, the draft will start with the fourth pick because, barring a surprise, Williamson, Ja Morant and RJ Barrett, in that order, will be the first three players off the board. It just makes sense from a best-player-available perspective and from a team-need perspective. So the real question is what will the Lakers do at No. 4. Select a player? Or package the pick for a veteran to help LeBron now? That’s what Rob Pelinka has to figure out. I wish him luck.

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